A PSA From the Liminal Worlds:

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Why We Carry Rainbows In Our Hearts and Ears, Not Bigotry and Hate

This piece is the first uploaded on to the LymWyrlds website this year, and I know that for some people they’ll be thinking, ‘Why has Lady Lim chosen to kick off 2023 with a post that doesn’t focus on the liminal?’ Well, the reason is this; the Liminal Worlds are a place for anyone, anywhere who carry love and allyship within their hearts. Here, we will not tolerate bigotry or hate in any form and here are our reasons why…

I have been an ally for LGBTQIA rights for the greater part of my life. Initially, because I was brought up to respect and support others, regardless of who they loved, and because growing up, I had discovered what it felt like to be bullied for being different. As I moved into adulthood and made my way in the world, I met people from various walks of life, many of whom were Gay, Trans, and Beloved Beyond the Binary. People who showed me real kindness when it was desperately needed. Sadly, during the 1990s I lost a number of these friends due to AIDS, most are still here, loud, and proud, and I feel blessed to be considered part of their community and an ally.

2022 marked the 50th anniversary of the first official Pride march in the UK, and alongside this joyous celebration came the sadly expected and ubiquitous comments on various social media platforms; ‘Why do Pride celebrations still need to take place?’ ‘The World is being smothered in snowflakes!’ It’s remarks such as these that highlight why it is so important to continue to amplify and support the LGBTQIA community across the world, and not only during Pride celebrations, but throughout the year. It is crucial that CisHet people, such as myself, speak up because people who I will never meet, alongside many friends of mine, have to deal with prejudice and injustice on a daily basis. That just the act of stepping out of their home, making use of a communal changing room or public toilet, or showing affection to a partner in public are still acts of real bravery in 2023, both in the UK, and across the globe. We live in a world where people are murdered because they do not conform to conservative ideals of sexual and gender identity: Pulse Nightclub, Orlando, Florida, June 2016: 49 people murdered, 53 people wounded; Oslo, June 2022: 2 people murdered, 21 people wounded…

We live in a world where non-binary folk, Trans women and men are submitted to abhorrent conversion practices. Where they are attacked in person, on social media, by the conservative press and church, and now by governments around the world. Just this week, the US states of Mississippi and Tennessee banned gender-affirming care for trans minors. The latter state also made it illegal to perform drag in any public spaces. The state of Oklahoma is pushing forward with a bill that would ban gender-affirming care for adults and minors. If the US Senate passes the bill it is highly likely to be signed into law. In Arkansas, a bill is being tabled which, if passed, will make it illegal for a trans person to use a public toilet whilst a child is present. These examples are from the USA, but similar motions are being tabled by conservative governments across the world. Humankind cannot, and must not, sit idly by and do nothing.

As an archaeologist, I have had to face arguments of ‘Heritage shouldn’t be politicised”, but heritage is political, and LGBTQIA rights are fundamentally human rights. How many people who came before us were never able to be their true and authentic selves because of the ingrained prejudices of wider societies? Too many, and for me, this is deeply troubling and incredibly sad. It’s vitally important that we have these discussions, with friends, relatives, and the public. That we re-evaluate past and current narratives, and move forward together in an inclusive, encouraging, and welcoming manner. Not only to recognise those who came before, but also to support today’s global LGBTQIA community, coming together to lay positive foundations for future generations.

We are living through difficult, and for far too many people, dangerous times. I want to live in a world where people do not live in fear for their lives because of their sexual or gender orientation, the colour of their skin, or their desire to simply exist, unfettered by patriarchal and misogynistic governing systems. Love and support for others, including the LGBTQIA community around the world, is of paramount importance, now more than ever. This is why the Liminal Worlds is, and forever will be, a place of love, kindness and acceptance. A place where our citizens carry rainbows in our hearts and ears, not bigotry and hate.