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About the Liminal Worlds

Hello, I’m Lady Liminal, the Astrolithic Megapunk, who sometimes morphs into Bec Lambert, postgraduate archaeological researcher. I wander and ponder the liminal places of the world, often alone, sometimes with fellow edgeland operatives.

The Liminal Worlds site offers gateways to different liminal worlds: Underpasses are Liminal Places, Dialects of The Hum, Future Ghosts: We Are all Ghosts in the Making, and Paranoid Architecture: Ballardian Concepts within Neolithic Contexts. They may appear to be separate entities, but they are all beautifully interconnected.

The site offers visitors access to new and original research and interpretation. You’ll be able to access field videos, interviews, audio-visual art, poetry and prose inspired by the different worlds explored. We actively encourage people to submit their own works inspired by explorations of the liminal. We will also be commissioning new pieces by space archaeologists, theory-fiction writers, visual and sonic artists, and a plethora of others who wander and ponder those places that are betwixt and between. Let’s get Liminal!


The Liminal Worlds website would not have been possible without the help, love, and support, of so many. Below are the names of the many wonderful people who contributed to the Kickstarter project. I will never be able to thank you all enough. I am so grateful for your kindness and generosity.

Some of the Kickstarter supporters have asked to remain anonymous. To you, I extend the same thanks and gratitude, and I’m also really excited to get out exploring some liminal spaces with some of you, once it’s safe to do so.

There are also a few people who I need to thank personally for really going the extra mile, and helping me exponentially…

Mr Soup (@Archaeos0up)

Thank you so much for helping me create the Kickstarter campaign video, and for designing the awesome UALP logo, which is now being displayed from Australasia through to the Americas, and all spaces in between! I really am ever so grateful.

Robin Mackay

Sending you a huge hug, and thank you, for all of your help with sourcing the UALP T-Shirts. You made a daunting prospect a whole lot easier.

Matt XG Colquhoun

Without your help and advice, none of this would have even gotten going. Thank you for believing in me, in the project, and for fielding my strange ideas, and numerous questions, with such kindness, AND patience! I can’t wait to hit the underpasses, snickleways, and thin places of York with you!

Jonny Mugwump

Thank you for the next-level motivational talks. I don’t think Oprah’s got anything to worry about just yet, but you sure helped me when everything was becoming too immense. Thanks for always having my six.

Lee Pylon

I’m still completely blown away by the fact that my ponderings on The Hum, and Walking With Ghosts, played a small part in inspiring you to create something of such beauty. I’m incredibly humbled by your generosity. The album will be blasting through my cans on my first post-lockdown walk within the Electric Ley, and many other nocturnal mooches to come. Am so excited!

Ruben Fro

So many ‘thank yous’ to send your way, where to begin? Firstly, thank you for your friendship. Thank you for your artistic imagination which, not only lights up my Twitter feed, and brings me real joy, but has also inspired much of my research. Finally, thank you for your insanely kind, and generous, offer to let us include some of your totally immense art on the website. I’m still having to pinch myself when I see it here, thank you my lovely.

Simon Sellars

Thank you for taking on the challenge of extracting the numerous ideas, wyrd theories, and strange ponderings that are constantly floating through my noodle, translating them, and bringing them into the world through this beautiful website, I’ll also be forever grateful that you’ve actually managed to make me look cool, a feat I never thought possible!


Thank you to the following:

Mink Ette, Linzi Harvey, Louise Fowler, Mike Tupling, Andy Herrett, Phoenix Dazzler Starshot Apeman, J. Bloxsom, Emma Bryning, Dawn Cansfield, Attila Dézsi, SpatialGeek, Eòghann MacColl, Andrea Devlahović, Struan Bourke, Glyn Morgan, Kelly Starling, Sef Churchill, John J Johnston & John J Cunningham, Gavin MacGregor, Sarah-Jayne Farrer, Jason Stewart, Daniel Ackerley, Sarah Coomer, Frank McCool, Rolf Jordan, tDogg, Jošt Hobič, Coralie Acheson, Caitlin Kitchener, Karen Averby, Myk Bilokonsky, Gordon Peake, zoem, Sue Greaney, Zoë Chan, Gabe Moshenska, Richard Hing, Celia Walker, KY, Sue Turnbull, Julian Thorley, @visualS0und, Cat Ingrams, Stephanie Halmhofer, Richard Havell, Arfur Clarke, Michael Upton, Alison Fisk, Matt Pope, Tristan Boyle (Anarchaeologist), Frater FDISK, Glyn Coy, Lee Carnell, Hilary Orange, LB Limbrey, Andrew Watson, Jon Morris, Bob Price, Colin Macaulay, Darmon Richter, @ygglas, Ellen McInnes, Allan Pringle, Tony Morley, Jess Butt, Martin Brown, Des Barry (@farsouthproject), The Holy Club, Scott Wilson, Keith K. Smith, Ian Waites, Martyn Barber, Matt Colquhoun, Jeremy Hulette, Andrew Stone, Stephen Cogbill, @Aecernist, Luke Moses, Emma Dwyer, John B Winterburn, Neil Jackman,Adam Steiner, Emma Payne, Eric Fennessey, Jez stevens, Chris Walton, Iain Boatman, Florence Smith Nicholls, Laura McAtackney, Peter Hardy, Badger North, Lisa Lovebucket, Cat Vincent, Scott Wood, Eric Marcus, Jeremy Huggett, Tony Messenger, Hannah Mould-Healy, Sarah May, Amanda Sumner, James Brown, Stefan Chilcott, Rog Palmer, Anna Orridge, J.W. Böhm, Tony Hack, John Wilkinson, Stein Farstadvoll, Emma Samuel, Helen Spencer, Tess & Nell Machling, Paul Watson, Kate Hawes, Paul Childs, Dave Dennis, Toby Ziegler, Sarah Howard, Sonia Zakrzewski, Antonia Thomas, Clare Archibald, Aileen Ogilvie, Jay Springett, Tim Daw, Carolyn Kennett, Dan Lockton, @skionar, Robin Scarlett, Dan Herbert, Paolo Summut, Phil Douglas, Mike Bonsall, Aaron Whiteside, Matt Leivers, Ray Newman, Kristin Plant, Gisele Baxter, Mark Standbrook, Wild Gees, Nance Grace, Cobweb Mehers, Barbara Brayshay, Lara Band, David Connolly, FenKen, Anna Garnett, Simon Moreton, Drew Mulholland, Lesley McFadyen, Amy Walker, @chalkhorsemusic, Mike McQueen, Rachel Pope, Donal Lucey, Livia Friedmann, James Dixon, Will Jennings, Bob Cluness, Emily Guerry, Richard MacDonald, Simon Poulter, Rachael Kiddey, Nicky Imrie, Darren Giddings, Chris Fischer, Claire Boardman, Kenny Brophy, Maria Strutz, Ryan Ailts, Katy Soar, Gareth E. Rees, @Archaeos0up,

I’d like to make a very special mention to my friend, Joni House.

Joni and I were part of the same Mlitt Archaeological Studies cohort at UHI. Although we came from different backgrounds, Joni lived in the southern United States, we became firm friends very quickly. Joni’s real passion was rock art, and I used to love listening to her talk about sites, not just in the modern USA, but around the world. Her enthusiasm was infectious. During our degree studies, Joni fell ill, and had to take a leave of absence. However, we kept in touch, and we had planned an underpass odyssey for when she and her family were able to next visit Europe.

Sadly, our physical wanderings and ponderings are not now able to take place, as Joni passed over in December. I am bereft at the loss of my friend, but I know that she will be walking alongside me amidst The Hum, the beautiful Paranoid Architecture that we spoke about so frequently, and, of course, the underpasses that we both wondered upon. Joni, you are, and always will be, an integral part of these Liminal Worlds, and no matter where I wander and ponder, you’ll always be with me. Thank you for being my friend.