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  1. My childhood home phone number still works, as it is still connected to my childhood home where my parent still live. The number never got updated or changed. I ring it quite often but in my head it still connects to our old chunky grey German Telecoms issue phone we had in the ’70s (my childhood home is in Germany). An I picture my dad speaking on that phone. Everytime I go home and see my parents ‘new’ phone (they’ve had several ‘new’ ones over the last 30 years) I am shocked… And I am terrified of the day it will stop working.

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      Thank you so much for this Christiane, I’m glad that The Telephone Call resonated with you. Material objects, even things considered unremarkable (such as chunky grey phones) are important. These objects offer tangible connections which, I believe, are priceless.
      Thank you for taking the time to listen to Further Down The Liminal Spiral. New content will be being uploaded on to the Liminal Worlds website over the next few weeks. Please feel free to visit us again, you’d be most welcome.
      All the best

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