neither here nor there

Future Ghosts: We're all Ghosts in the Making.


The year is 2220. Humans still exist as corporeal entities but not all have chosen or can afford to upload their consciousnesses to the network. Physical landscapes persist, however, due to cataclysmic environmental change, these geological stratigraphies are accessed only as points of reference.

Archives, both geomorphological and literary, still exist to a limited extent, providing ‘hard copies’ of the 21st century, but there is now a third, primary, stratigraphic layer explored by archaeologists. The digital.

Lose yourself to find the way.

“My digital doppelganger will see me in the machine, which has taught me how to remember a past I never had and a future I will never see”"


We're always on the lookout for field videos, interviews, audio-visual art, poetry and prose inspired by future ghosts. If you'd like to submit something of your own, please get in touch.