follow the signal

Dialects of
the Hum.


There are people who believe that the energy pulsing through pylons, cables, and substations, doesn’t exist solely to bring light, warmth and technological comforts into your homes and workspaces. It is capable of so much more. We refer to this pulsating energy as The Hum. It may have taken decades for us to finally find each other, but the important thing is that we have. And now we will continue to seek out all the others who grew up depending on their electric dreams in order to survive.

Seek out the flux.

“I began having vivid dreams where I would leave my physical body restlessly slumbering in its bed and connect, through the pylons over yonder, with the rest of the world. I’d soar along the electric leys to far away countries, seeking out others like me who wanted to be set free, others who depended on their electric dreams in order to survive."


We're always on the lookout for field videos, interviews, audio-visual art, poetry and prose inspired by The Hum. If you'd like to submit something of your own, please get in touch.